"I Am My Own Wife" by Doug Wright

Bozeman Actors Theatre and Verge Theater presented Doug Wright's I Am My Own Wife in six sold-out shows in February 2018. Following a full-capacity preview night at the Verge, this amazing production starring Ryan Lawrence Flynn and directed by Kari Doll was the talk of the town! Over two-and-a-half hours and a mosaic of 35 characters, Ryan's unforgettable performance—and the accompanying technical achievement by lighting designer Julie Seitel and sound designer KC Luchsinger—presented the life of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, a German preservationist who survived a violent childhood, the Nazis, and a repressive Communist regime as a transgender woman. Set design was by Kari Doll, with costume design by Mandy Luchsinger. Our stage manager was Sara Stanek. The producers were James Burroughs and Kari Doll.

Just a sample of our audience reactions:

  • "This is the best piece of theater I've seen in Montana, and just maybe the best performance I've seen in my life. BRAVO!"
  • "It's a master class in acting and storytelling. It's a crown jewel. It's Ryan Lawrence Flynn at his finest."
  • "The ending of this play is perfect. And the rest of the play isn’t far behind."
  • "An amazing tour de force. I can’t even imagine how he did it!"
  • "What a unique experience!"
  • “Nothing short of transcendent.”

Our "Supporting Role" sponsors, The Nova Cafe and The Law Office of Christopher J. Gillette, helped make this production possible.

The excitement started with this video trailer ...

Photographs by Tim Stiller, The Big Event Photography.