"Well" by Lisa Kron. Black Box Theatre and Dulcie Theatre in Livingston

ATM presents Margot Kidder in a staged reading of Well, by Lisa Kron. Directed by Dee Dee Van Zyl, Well also features Cara Wilder and Susan Dickerson, Marc Beaudin, Chris McIntyre and Paige Taylor. A scathingly funny and brutally honest play about mothers and daughters, wellness, illness and reconciling the past with the presentWell is presented for two performances only, at MSU’s Black Box Theatre and at Livingston’s Dulcie Theatre.

"A Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams. Ellen Theatre

ATM and the Ellen Theatre are co-producers of Tennessee Williams’ classic, A Streetcar Named Desire Considered one of the finest American plays of all time, the production is directed by Dee Dee Van Zyl, and features Cara Wilder, Mark Kuntz, Susan Dickerson, Eric Concord, Colter Langan, Ben Trotter, Daniel Potts, Kim Lentz and Sherman Hall.


"The Life and Times of Tulsa Lovechild" by Greg Owens. Black Box Theater

The inaugural production of the newly-formed Actors Theatre of Montana was a co-production with MSU’s School of Film and Photography of the road trip comedy, The Life and Times of Tulsa Lovechild, written and directed by Greg Owens. The comedy-drama, which the Los Angeles Times called “hugely cheerful and energetic,” follows the adventures of the eponymous Tulsa Lovechild as she journeys cross-country in a rental car to dump her hippie mother’s ashes in the parking lot of the motel where Tulsa was born. Playwright Owens directed a cast that included ATM co-founders Cara Wilder and Dee Dee Van Zyl, Joel Jahnke, Kathy Jahnke, Will Dickerson, Susan Dickerson, Colter Langan, Tim Williams, Kathleen Hoberecht, Katrina Vollbracht, Kari Doll, Brian Kasser, and Daniel Erickson.