Thanks to the many supporters
of our 2018-19 Season.

YOU help bring truly exciting theater to our community.



* Donation made in memory of our co-founder Dee Dee Van Zyl, who passed away on May 3, 2018.


Production Underwriter ($750+)

* Anonymous
Athena's Paints and Finishes
* James and Beth Burroughs
Michael and Kathleen Cok
* Sylvia and Robb Miller
MSU College of Letters & Science
* Susan Quarles and Geoffrey Stephens
Tim and Windy Warner
Dr. Richard Wolff and Dr. Janel Cariño

Producer's Circle ($500–$749)

Cok Kinzler PLLP, Attorneys at Law
Bill Fagerbakke
Caroline Gentry
George and Beverly Mattson
* Susan Miller
* Nelson Rutherford
Judy Tsiang
* The Van Zyl Family

Sponsor  ($200–$499)

Stephanie Alexander
Michael and Sharon Beehler
* Beth Boyson
* Kevin Brustuen and Gretchen Minton
* Janis Bullock
* Gordon Carpenter
Elizabeth Danforth
* Kari Doll
Con and Daphne Gillam
Lori and Tim Hart / Hart Real Estate Solutions
William Flora Hewlett Foundation
Malcolm Kay
Bill Klenn
Mark Kuntz
Jim Madden and Mel Frost
Alice Meister and George Baskin
* Mary Miles and Kristen Walser
James and Sherryl Pepper
* Dede Taylor
Townshend’s Teahouse
Drs. Anne and Dennis Wentz
* Cara Wilder
* Denise Debartolo York

Patron ($100–$199)

Loren and Evelyn Acton
* Anonymous
Joe Bateson
Ronald Bayly and Susan Regele
Craig Bierko
Phyllis Bock and Robert Nichol
Dorothy Bradley
Jill Baumier and Robert Mannisto
* Sadie Cassavaugh
* Faye Christensen
Mike Dawkins
Suzy Day
* Kelley Dowdell
Mitchell and Bonnie Godfrey
* Nancy Hatfield
Denise Hayman and Michael Scott
Melvin and Susan Howe
* Neil and Debbie Jamieson
Roger Lang
George McClure
Ralph McHenry / Montana Expressions Inc.
Frank Minton
MSU Department of English
Rob Neibauer
* Vana O'Brien
Barbara Prager
Ron Pulcini
Michael Reidy
* Gail and John Richardson
Victoria Saab
Lee and Mary Schulz
Rabbi Ed Stafman and Beth Lee
Betsy Stephens
Robert and Janet Swenson
Steven and Dawn Wallingford
Richard and Janet Young

Benefactor  ($25–$99)

Ruth Hogue Angeletti and Doug Rand
Susan Barrows
Robert and Shirley Bayley
Phyllis and Marc Driscoll
Bennett Drozic
Patricia Dunn
C. Bradford and Susan Foster
Marjorie Fowlkes
David Gallipoli
Eugene and Julie Geddes
Wayne and Linda Gipp
Kari Godfrey
Kaylin Greene
Marilyn Guggenheim
Suzette Harkin
R. L. and J. B. Hawks
Sue Higgins and Scott Gill
Shehreen Johnson
William Keller
* Judith Kennell-Caruso
Deborah Kimball
Dorothy and Dick Kuntz
Marvin and Kay Lansverk
Andrea Litt
Dan Marsh
Sue McCauley
Lynne Merrick
Milt Mozen
Paula Mozen
Elizabeth Olson
Linda Pierce
Jeannette Radcliffe
Kerry Reif and Bob McKenzie
Aaron Schuerr
Gay Smith
Barry Sulam and Linda Deutsch
Will and Jennifer Swearingen
Roerick Sweeney
Kristin Taylor
Eileen Tenney
Marilou Turrentine
* Greg and Rose Vallor
Anthony Waller and Robert Yoblonsky
Tad Weaver
Ron and Janice Whetstone
Jill Haverland Wilder
* Janet Wong
Paul and Arlene Wylie
Jenny and Kenneth Younger

Supporter (up to $25)

Jeffrey Angitsch
Anonymous (multiple)
Victoria Brailsford
Stephanie Campbell
Lynne Dasinger
Rae English
Marianne Filloux
Wren Garverick
Ron Gompertz
Kelly Hartman
Judith Heilman
Eileen Hosking
Jan Light
Jon Nagy
Paul Nockleby
Hilary Parker
Brian Straub
Ashley York

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